What is learning?

What is Learning

In order to understand what is learning one must understand that learning is an output of whatever we see, do or experience in our day to day life. Learning doesn’t alone provides with the education qualifications only. When we acquire knowledge, behavior, values, or preferences this process answers what is learning. This ability to learn is inherited in humans and also possessed by animals and machines.

What difference does leaning make 

There are different styles of learning some are immediate type just induced by a single event, for instance, the taste of sugar. Although, the knowledge and skills accumulated from repletion of past experiences we all have. Learning brings changes that get stored in the human memory and lasts a lifetime.

We learn every second in our lives, and this learning occurs from past to new experiences we have. Gaining knowledge of our thoughts & perceptions in our everyday life e.g. unexpected experiences, analyzing things, watching television, etc.


What is Learning

Experiences can be good or bad, and lesson provided with every experience is our choice whether or not to learn. Everything involves a type of learning i.e. coaching, training, mentoring, teaching, etc. Every factor has its roots in the learning procedure. There are things we do for others which involve teaching, training, etc. But there is something we do for ourselves only i.e. learning.

Everyone has different criteria, some learn with experiences, others need a certain environment to have a good learning. We can only observe the changes in ourselves made through it. It is hard to observe this in others. This brings changes in us – the way we think, the way we act, the way we observe ourselves, the world and the people around us. The changes made by it can be temporary or permanent. It all depends on the importance or relevance for us of the gained knowledge through it.

This is a continuous process which never stops till one is alive, while at workplace this becomes permanent changes we create in ourselves. The changes occur when we socially interact more and more, experience new environment, follow instructions, etc. Learning at workplace actually develops you and makes you more efficient and work oriented.


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