SMCK Model

Self, Met cognition, Cognition, Knowledge (SMCK)

Self, Met cognition, Cognition, Knowledge (SMCK) describes the domains of knowledge. Blooms Taxonomy is one of the first domains of knowledge. Although we are learning more since then a bit more about how we learn.

There are two modes of receiving the information and they are – Linguistic and non-linguistic, through our senses. The presented information then passes through the four human though operating system:

SMCK Model


  • Self-System What value do we place upon the presenting task (we will do it or not)?

The self-system reveals that if we put efforts into presenting a task then we’ll put some efforts into learning it.

  • Metacognitive System – Designs strategies for accomplishing the presenting task. How do we go about solving a complicated task?

After presenting the task, it goes through the Metacognitive system. This system helps us to plan, set timelines;         allocate resources

  • Cognitive System – Process the presenting task so that we may learn it.

The next phase is the cognitive system, this processes the essential information for learning the task.

  • Knowledge Domain – The information that helps us to present a task is being drawn upon our knowledge domain by the cognitive domain.

This domain consists of the mental processes, information and psychomotor processes.

  • Information: Information can be thought of as the library within us that organizes how we store information.


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