Impact of the Trainer

Impact of the Trainer/Facilitator

Organizations are implementing the learning culture at the workplace for the betterment of the employees’ and the organization as well. There comes the need of the trainer or the facilitator of the learning at the workplace. The impact of the trainer/facilitator helps in understanding its role.

To use the customized evaluation there is a need for the trainer to design the training. Another way of imposing the learning culture is by considering the penalties for not applying the learned skills. There is always the need of the trainer for implementing the learning culture at work. Otherwise, the learners will keep using the generic skills which do not add any value. In order to make difference and change the need for the different types of training required has to be made clear.

Impact of the Trainer/Facilitator


The importance of the role of the trainer:

The trainer can effectively make the learners follow and use the learned skills. With the research work, they do on implementing the different techniques makes the learning more interesting. Trainers keep the learners engaged in the learning programme. The impact of trainer can make a lot of difference in the way the learners learn and also implement the skills accordingly. To improve learning and the effects of these components are assumed to be additive. Therefore the assumption that trainees react more positively to an expressive and well-organized training and the better they become to apply what they learn

While there is an alternate approach that suggests that the less organized trainers are more likely to help the learners to use the information. Because this way they have to take their own research to fill the gaps. Hence, this way they will learn more.

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