Challenges in Process of Evaluation

Challenges in Process of Evaluation

Organizations are implementing the learning culture at the workplace for the betterment of their employees’ and the organization. There comes the need for evaluation of the learning and development. The evaluation process is not easy. As there is a range of reasons, as to why the organizations aren’t able to carry out the evaluation systematically. There are a number of methodologies and the models available for the evaluation. Challenges in process of evaluation are many, like – whether the learners’ are applying the learned skills or not, Also, if there is any positive impact of the learning, etc.Challenges in Process of Evaluation

The evaluation is not just based ‘one size fits all’ approach. It depends on the type of learning culture the organization wants to implement. So, it depends on the training topic and how the learner applies. E.g. if the learning is about training the managing skills, then the approach should be tailored in that context only.

The length/duration and the type of learning also affect the level of evaluation required. Also, at times some organizations tend to invest more in the evaluation process than the learning programme. Therefore it signifies the need to carefully consider the costs and all the benefits associated with it.

If the learning is being provided by an outsource than, there is a need to keep a regular check on the results. In this course, by  Vskills you’ll get to learn the tactics to deal with this problem of evaluation.

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