Concept of Learning and Development

Concept of Learning and Development

The concept of learning and development is a way how an individual absorbs the unlearned that already exists. This concept helps in obtaining skills that enable the individual to grow in their occupation or role at work. Learning can be acquired in diverse ways when viewed from different perspectives. Learning actually changes the already possessed knowledge. The term learning can be associated with education, training and also the development. The development is the end goal of learning.

The organization providing its employees with the opportunity to learn makes them more efficient. Thus, it leads to the organizations’ self-growth. The fast learners are more prone to adapt the changes in the environment and tend to perform the best.


Concept of Learning and Development

The process of learning

The learning is a long process it takes time and it’s a journey in itself. Before indulging in the learning process, the learner must self-ask a few questions. E.g. what are my strengths? What are the weaknesses? What exactly do I need to learn? Etc. Once s/he gets the answers to the questions then the learning process should begin. There must be motivation from the employer’s end. This automatically boosts the employees’ morale.

Practicality of learning

The trainer must design the learning and development programme by adding practical things. The classroom learning is tough for the learners. This can be made interesting by adding the practical learning more.

The development part of learning

While focusing on learning, the development happens automatically. Once, the learning programme begins, it leads to the targeted development. The best thing about the development is it doesn’t need the extra efforts. It’s the end result of the learning programme. Because when one learns, there happens a certain development.

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