Purpose and Practice of L&D

Purpose and Practice of Learning and Development

The Purpose and Practice of Learning and Development at work are to expand the base of knowledge of the employees. The employers feel that the training and development procedure at work is expensive. During the sessions of learning and development, the employees miss out on work, that gets heavy on the company’s account. For this reason, there is a strong need to understand the purpose and practice of learning and development.

Purpose and Practice of Learning and Development

There are many factors of purpose and practice of learning and development leads to –

  • The consistency: this ensures that the employees to have the consistent experience and the background knowledge. The consistency makes the employee learn pushes the company policies to the heights of success. Putting the employees through a regular training in all the required areas. This makes every employee capable of learning all the necessary details and exposure to the information.


  • Improved Employees’ Performance: the necessary training received by the employees makes them aware of the procedures and the safety practices for every task. The training actually boosts the employees’ confidence. This makes them gain a stronger understanding of the industry. Also learning the required responsibilities of their respected role. The gained confidence pushes the employees to excel in their work. While constant training keeps the employees on the cutting edge of the organization’s development.


  • Addressing Weaknesses: training brings out the weaknesses and strengthens the required skills. The improvement on every stage an employee goes through prepares him to reduce all the weak links within the company. The employees start working more independently without any constant supervision and help.


  • Employee-Employer Satisfaction: the excess to learning and development to new employees proves to be an advantage in the long run. The growth is for both the company and the employee. The training and development create a supportive workplace that actually pushes the employee to work more efficiently.

Therefore, the main purpose of the training and development is to make a healthy environment. While connecting the employee with the work rules and practices.


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