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Train the Trainer Sample Questions

Sample Questions


1. Which of the following refers to the learning opportunities designed to help in employee’s growth?

A. Training

B. Development

C. Education

D. None of these


2. What are the benefits of employee training?

A. Helps in improving the morale

B. Helps in identifying organizational goals

C. Helps in building good environment for learning and growth

D. None of these


3. Which of the following is a step in training process?

A. KSA Deficiency

B. Provide proper feedback

C. Obstacles in the system

D. use of evaluation models


4. Which of the following is essential for organizational training needs assessment

A. Consider current and projected changes

B. Rating scales

C. Interviews

D. Questionnaires


5. Which of the following seeks to examine the goals of the organization and the trends that are likely to affects these goals?

A. Organizational Support

B. Organizational Analysis

C. Person Analysis

D. Key skill abilities analysis



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