Solar Energy Table of Contents

Table of Content



  • Energy Basics and Parameters
  • Energy Resources
  • Conventional and Non Conventional Sources
  • Non Renewable Energy Sources
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • India’s Power Potential
  • Indian Government Authorities
  • Distributed Energy Generation
  • Microgrid
  • Environmental Impact of Electricity Generation
  • Energy Conservation

Solar Energy Basics

  • What is Solar Energy?
  • Photovoltaic Effect
  • Sun-Earth Geometry
  • Calculating Solar Energy to Surface
  • Celestial Coordinate System
  • Position of the Sun
  • Thermodynamics Basics
  • Electricity Basics

Solar Radiation

  • Solar Constant
  • Solar Radiation and Measurement
  • Terrestrial Solar Radiation
  • Solar Radiation Geometry
  • Solar Radiation Data for India

Solar Thermal Energy Collectors

  • Solar Thermal Energy
  • Solar Thermal Collector
  • Laws of Thermal Radiation
  • Radiation Optics
  • Types of Collectors
  • Solar Concentrating Collectors
  • Compound Parabolic Concentrators (CPC)

Solar Thermal Energy

  • Solar Thermal Energy Storage Technologies
  • Solar Thermal Energy Conversion Systems
  • Thermodynamic Cycles And Solar Plants
  • Solar Thermal Power Plants
  • Solar Ponds
  • Solar Pumping System
  • Solar Air Heaters
  • Collector types
  • Solar Crop Drying
  • Solar Kilns
  • Solar Cookers
  • Energy Efficient Buildings
  • Other Applications

Solar Optimization

  • Optimization Basics
  • Determining the Problem Type
  • Types of Optimization Problems
  • Optimize a Commercial PV System

PV System

  • Basic Concepts
  • Semiconductor Materials for Solar Cells
  • PV Hybrid System
  • Grid Interactive Solar PV Power System
  • Solar Power Plant Using a Satellite
  • Plastic Solar Cells with Nanotechnology
  • Peltier Cooler
  • Solar Energy and India

PV System Design

  • Major System Components
  • Solar PV System Sizing
  • Example

PV System Certification

  • Standards and Codes
  • SPV Module Requirements
  • Module Mounting Structure Requirements
  • Junction Box Requirements
  • Earthing for PV Array, Balance Of System (Bos) and Other Components and Lightning Protection
  • Grid Support Inverters (GSI)
  • Cables and Hardware
  • AC Distribution Board (ACDB):

PV System Installation and Maintenance

  • PV System Installation
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance

PV System Safety

  • Occupancy Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Electrical Hazards
  • Falling Hazards
  • Special Consideration
  • Other Hazards

Solar Energy Farms

  • What is a Solar Farm?
  • Rooftop Solar vs. Solar Farms
  • Where can solar farms be located?
  • How much energy can solar farms generate?
  • How efficient are large scale solar farms?

Solar Power Projects

  • Top Solar Power Plants in India

Grid Integration

  • Indian Electricity Grid Operation and Management
  • Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Systems
  • Integration with RLDC
  • Smart Grid

Power Quality

  • Solar Power Quality
  • Unbalance and transients in solar equipment
  • Harmonics
  • Power Reversal Issues

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