Six Sigma Yellow Belt Table of Content

Table of Content

Six Sigma and Lean Basics

  • What is Six Sigma
  • Six Sigma Principles
  • Lean Basics
  • Lean Tools
  • Lean and Six Sigma

Six Sigma Team Management

  • Team Types
  • Team Types
  • Team Roles
  • Team Development
  • Team Decision Making Techniques
  • Team Communication

Six Sigma Metrics

  • Performance Metrics
  • Six Sigma Metrics
  • Other Metrics

Six Sigma Project Management

  • Six Sigma Project Charter
  • Six Sigma Project Planning
  • Six Sigma Project Management Tools
  • Six Sigma Project Phase Reviews

Six Sigma Project Identification

  • Voice of the Customer
  • Six Sigma Project Selection
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Process Inputs and Outputs
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis

Data Types and Data Collection

  • Data Types
  • Data Collection Techniques

Statistics and Probability in Six Sigma

  • Statistics Basics
  • Measures of Central Tendency
  • Measures of Dispersion
  • Measures of Spread
  • Using Statistical Techniques in Six Sigma
  • Probability

Six Sigma Measurement System Analysis

  • Measurement System Analysis Basics
  • Measurement System Accuracy
  • Measurement System Precision

Six Sigma Quality Tools

  • Six Sigma DMAIC Charts
  • Six Sigma DMAIC Diagrams

Lean and FMEA

  • Process Analysis Tools
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Six Sigma Analysis

  • Data Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis

Six Sigma Mathematical Tools for Analysis

  • Correlation Analysis
  • Regression Analysis
  • Hypothesis Testing

Six Sigma Process Improvement Tools

  • PDCA
  • Kaizen and Kaizen Blitz

Six Sigma Control Management

  • Control Plan
  • Control Charts
  • Control Documentation

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