Sexual Harassment Awareness Professional Table of Contents

Table of Content


Introduction to Sexual Harassment

  • What is Sexual Harassment
  • Evolving Phenomenon of Sexual Harassment and it’s Forms
  • Types of Harassers
  • Causes of Sexual Harassment
  • Impact of Sexual Harassment
  • Principles for Sexual Harassment Determination
  • Vishaka Guidelines and the Law

Legal Framework in India

  • The Constitution of India
  • The Indian Penal Code
  • The Indian Evidence Act
  • The Contract Law
  • Torts
  • Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013

PoSH Act 2013 Introduction

  • Act Enactment and Functioning
  • Features of the Act
  • Basics of the Act
  • Definitions and Terminologies
  • Preventive Measures of Sexual Harassment
  • Forms of Workplace Sexual Harassment
  • Consequences
  • Criticism of the Act

Prevention and Prohibition in PoSH Act 2013

  • Strategies for Prevention
  • Who is responsible for prevention?
  • Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)
  • Local Complaints Committee(LCC)
  • Duties of the Employer
  • Duties and Powers of District Officer
  • Other Responsibilities
  • Penalty for Non-compliance of the Act

Redressal of Sexual Harrasment in PoSH Act 2013

  • Complaint Mechanism Legal Provisions
  • Complaints Registration Process
  • Responsibilities for Complaint Redressal
  • Inquiry Process

Process of Monitoring PoSH Act 2013

  • Monitoring Sexual Harassment
  • Steps to Prevent Sexual Harassment
  • Annual Report Filing
  • Submission of Reports

Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy

  • Main Elements of the Policy
  • Legal Requirements
  • Policy Formation
  • Policy Drafting Guidelines
  • Policy Checklist
  • Policy Implementation Steps
  • Policy Implementation Challenges
  • Publicizing the Policy
  • Policy Adherence
  • Auditing Anti-sexual harassment policy
  • Upgrading Anti-Harassment Policy

Communication and Training of Employees

  • Communicating Right Policy
  • Implementing a Sensitization Program
  • Conducting Workshops
  • Training
  • Best Practices
  • SHe-box


  • Sexual Harassment Around the Globe
  • Sample Audit Report
  • Sample PoSH Policy
  • Sexual Harassment Court Cases

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