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Service Quality Manager Sample Questions

Sample Questions


Q.1 "Quality is defined by the customer" is?
A. an unrealistic definition of quality
B. a user-based definition of quality
C. a manufacturing-based definition of quality
D. Representative State Transfer


Q.2 Which of the following is not one of the major categories of costs associated with quality?
A. prevention costs
B. appraisal costs
C. internal failures
D. none of the above, they are all major categories of costs associated with quality


Q.3 Statistical Process Control is concerned with.
A. Measuring and controlling process variations
B. Inspecting goods before dispatch
C. Measuring the amount of re-work required to rectify faulty goods
D. Identifying the security needs of an Operations system


Q.4 Statistically, an improvement in a system is defined as.
A. an improvement in the mean outcome
B. a decrease in the system variability
C. a correction of an assignable cause
D. A and B


Q.5 The Japanese term for waste is ____________?
A. Muri
B. Kanban
C. Muda
D. Kaizen

Answers : 1-B, 2-D,3-A,4-D,5-C


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