RUST Language Table of Contents

Table of Content


RUST Language Basics

  • Get Rust Working on Your Machine
  • Introducing Standard Rust Operators and Syntax
  • Basic Loops
  • Basic Strings
  • Structs and Methods
  • Enums and Pattern Matching
  • Result and Option Types

RUST Traits

  • Introduction to Traits
  • Using Other People’s Libraries
  • Defining Our Own Traits
  • Accepting Generic Parameters
  • Generic Structs
  • Generic Iterators
  • Useful traits
  • Error Handling with the from Trait
  • Documenting and Publishing Your Library

RUST Lifetimes

  • Why Lifetimes Matter?
  • Passing a Borrow Forward
  • Stack versus Heap - Box and the Deref Trait
  • The Static Lifetime
  • Reference Counting

RUST Development

  • Environment Variables
  • Calling Other Programs
  • Piping Between Other Programs
  • Files Access

RUST Threads and Channels

  • Threads
  • Channels
  • Mutexes
  • Thread Pools and Worker
  • Rayon for Embarrassingly Parallel Problems

RUST and Databases

  • Introduction to SQLite
  • Secure Passwords
  • Adding to the Database
  • Retrieving from the Database

RUST and Web Development

  • Introduction to Rocket
  • HTML Templates with Maud
  • Managing Sessions
  • Web Login
  • Accessing Sessions

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