REST API Testing Table of Contents

Table of Content

Introduction to REST API Testing

  • Understanding RESTful APIs
  • Key concepts: HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE), status codes, headers
  • Basics of API testing vs. UI testing

API Testing Fundamentals

  • API architecture and components
  • API documentation reading and understanding
  • Tools for API testing (Postman, cURL, Insomnia, etc.)
  • API request and response formats (JSON, XML, etc.)

Test Environment Setup for API Testing

  • Configuring tools for API testing
  • Managing test data for API testing
  • Mocking and simulating APIs for testing

API Test Planning and Design

  • Understanding requirements for API testing
  • Test strategy development for APIs
  • Test scenarios and test case design
  • Data-driven testing for APIs

API Test Execution and Reporting

  • Executing API tests using various tools
  • Handling authentication and authorization in API testing
  • Validation of API responses
  • Generating API test reports

Automation in API Testing

  • Introduction to API automation frameworks (e.g., Selenium, RestAssured, etc.)
  • Writing automated API tests
  • Continuous integration and API testing

Security Testing for APIs

  • Common API security vulnerabilities
  • Techniques for API security testing
  • Best practices for securing APIs
  • Performance Testing for APIs
  • Basics of API performance testing
  • Tools for API performance testing
  • Analyzing API performance metrics

Advanced Topics in API Testing

  • Handling edge cases and error scenarios
  • API versioning and backward compatibility testing
  • Exploratory testing for APIs
  • API monitoring and maintenance

Case Studies and Real-world Scenarios

  • Examining real-life API testing challenges
  • Case studies of successful API testing implementations
  • Best practices from industry examples

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