REIT Professional Table of Contents

Table of Content


Real Estate Basics

  • What is Real Estate?
  • Real Estate Evolution
  • Classification of Properties
  • Residential vs. Commercial
  • Real Estate Ownership
  • Real Estate Business
  • REIT Basics

Real Estate in India

  • Indian Real Estate Market Size
  • Investments/Developments
  • Government Initiatives
  • Important Terms
  • Trends in the Real Estate Market
  • Indian Real Estate Laws
  • COVID Impact

Property Valuation

  • Property Valuation Basics
  • Types of value
  • Approaches to value
  • Valuation Methods
  • Cost, Price, Value and Valuation in India
  • DCF (Discounted Cash Flow)
  • IFRS and Property
  • GAAP and Property
  • SEBI REIT Valuation of Assets

Capital Gains

  • Capital Gains Basics
  • Capital Gains in India
  • Types of Capital Gain
  • Tax Exemptions on Capital Gains
  • GAAP and Capital Gains
  • IFRS and Capital Gains
  • SEBI REIT and Capital Gains

Rental Income

  • Rental Basics
  • IFRS and Rental Income
  • GAAP and Leases
  • SEBI REIT and Rental Income

Dividend Distribution

  • Dividend Basics
  • IFRS and Dividend
  • GAAP and Dividend
  • SEBI REIT Taxability
  • Tax Implications on an Ongoing Basis

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