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What are the various ways of recruiting students??
Corporates, MNCs, job consultants and recruitment agencies can register with VSkills as placement partners to acces the database of certified candidates.
Recruitment agencies need to send an e-mail to to initiate the process with a description of their profile.
What are the typical steps in the placement process?

Typical steps in recruitment process are

  • Registration as recruitment partner.
  • Accessing the database of certified candidates from Vskills interface.
  • Contacting relevant candidates.
Where can I access profiles of students?
Candidate profiles can be accessed from Vskills interface only after registering as recruitment partner.
How do I raise the visibility of my company on Vskills?
VSkills is a “skills testing” and certification exam conducted by - ICSIL, A Govt of India Undertaking and Govt of NCT Delhi Company. It is one of the largest manpower companies of the government of NCT Delhi. 
Collaborating with Vskills provides an access to a database of certified candidates. The companies can collaborate as certification partners and other agencies can become placement partners.
Do you have any resumes/ students you can recommend?
Vskills has a huge database of certified candidate who have been assessed on specific skills.
What are the various ways I can recruit remotely?
At present remote recruitment is provided through Vskills interface only.
Is there a fee for placement?
No fees is charged for placement.
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