ReactJS Developer Sample Questions

Sample Questions

1. What are some of the attributes of the virtual DOM?

A. Offers least expensive options for the update
B. Dom changes can be batched
C. JavScript objects update faster
D. All of these

2. What components does React use for the Structure of HTML or XML elements?

A. Isomorphic rendering
B. JS modules
C. Virtual DOM
D. Component library

3. What needs to be called for rendering in your JSX file?

A. Browserify
B. Jquery
C. React
D. React-DOM

4. What is the first item that needs to be completed to configure Gulp on a developer machine?

A. Define a gulpfile.js
B. Create a folder structure
C. Launch a local server
D. Import modules

5. What does Flux provide after installation pertaining to data flow?

A. Three way binding
B. Two way binding
C. Directional data flow
D. Unidirectional data flow

Answers: 1. D, 2. C, 3. D, 4. A, 5. D

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