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Project Finance Analyst Table of Contents

Table of Content

Project Finance Introduction

  • Project Determinants
  • Project Financing Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Project Development Obstacle
  • Project Finance Features
  • Business models
  • Model Concession Agreement

Project Cycle - Emphasis on Financial and Economic

  • Project Cycle Management
  • Financial and Economic Feasibility

Projects and Economic Growth and Development

  • Introduction
  • Overview of Economic Development and Growth
  • Measures of Economic Development
  • Analysis of Project’s Environmental Technological Externality
  • Economic Analysis of Project

Financing of Project - Objectives of Financial Analysis

  • Introduction
  • Principle and Components of Financial Analysis
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Optimal Capital Structure
  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital - WACC
  • Cost of Equity
  • Capital Asset Pricing Model
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  • Viability Gap Funding (VGF)
  • Take-out financing

Sources and Uses of Funds

  • Introduction
  • Sources and Uses of Cash
  • The Statement of Cash Flows

Cash Flow Statements

  • Introduction
  • Cash Flow
  • Benefits from using Cash Flow
  • Managing Short-Term Net Cash Flows
  • Liquidity Management
  • Managing Inventory
  • Managing Accounts Receivable
  • The Cash Operating Cycle
  • Forecasting Working Capital

Financial Cost and Benefits Analysis

  • Introduction
  • Theory of Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Importance of Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Applications of Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Methods of Estimating Cost
  • Measuring Benefits and Costs

Evolving Of Financial Plan (Budgeting)

  • Introduction
  • Estimating Sales Revenue
  • Estimating Operating and Maintenance Costs
  • Estimating Project’s Financial Profitability

Techniques and Tools of Project Analysis

  • Introduction
  • Purpose of Projective Analysis
  • Techniques/Tools of Project Analysis
  • Selecting Independent Investments
  • The Technical Superiority of NPV
  • Project Analysis and other Techniques of Optimizing Behaviour

Break-Even Analysis

  • Introduction
  • The Break-Even Chart
  • Break-Even Method of Investment Analysis
  • Appraisal of Break-Even Analysis

Working Capital Management

  • Introduction
  • Liquidity Management
  • Managing Inventory
  • Managing Accounts Receivable
  • The Cash Operating Cycle
  • Factors That Determine the Volume of Working Capital of a Business
  • Inefficient Working Capital Management
  • Forecasting Working Capital

Project Planning and Control

  • Introduction
  • Project Planning
  • Project Control

Project Management Tools

  • Introduction
  • Project Evaluation Review Technique (PERT)
  • Gantt Chart

Project Finance Risk

  • Risk Basics
  • Risk Types and Mitigants
  • Risk Identification
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Financial Risks
  • Political Risk
  • Social Risk
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Risk Options
  • Public Sector Guarantees and Insurance
  • Private Sector Insurance and External Credit Enhancement
  • Hedging: Derivatives Contracts
  • Contract design: Availability payments and off take contracts
  • Grants and taxation
  • Exit Policy

Legal and Taxation

  • Depreciation
  • Tax Exemptions and Incentives
  • Project Legal Aspects
  • Project Contract Basics
  • Due Diligence Report
  • The Term Sheet
  • Project Documents

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