Table of Content


 Project Identification and Feasibility

  •  Foreign Investment and Technology
  •  Project Identification
  •  Feasibility Study

 Market Appraisal

  •  Demand
  •  Methods of demand Forecasting
  •  Market Analysis

 Technical Appraisal

  •  Appraisal of Project
  •  Technical Appraisal

 Financial Appraisal

  •  Financial Analysis
  •  Advanced Manufacturing Systems Appraisal

 Economic Appraisal

  •  Aspects of Economic Appraisal
  •  Social Cost Benefit Analysis

 Financing Capital Structure

  •  Instruments in Primary Market
  •  Cost of Capital

 Choice of Securities and Guidelines for their Issue

  •  Regulation of Public Issues
  •  SEBI Guidelines for Debentures
  •  Non-convertible Debentures(NCD) and Partially Convertible Debentures(PCD)
  •  Debentures
  •  Other Debt Securities 
  •  Issue of Shares
  •  Rights Issues by Listed Companies without SEBI Vetting or Acknowledgement
  •  Preference Shares

 Term Loans

  •  Origin and  Nature
  •  Development Finance Institutions

 External Commercial Borrowing and Euro-Issues

  •  External Commercial Borrowing
  •  Euro-issues

 Venture Capital

  •  Nature and Scope
  •  Venture Capital in India

 Lease Finance

  •  Definition and Nature
  •  International Organizations
  •  Types of Leases
  •  Financial Statement Effects and Debt Capacity of Leasing
  •  Accounting for Leases
  •  Calculation of Lease Rental
  •  Factors Affecting Lease Finance
  •  Borrowing vs Lease Finance

 Working Capital Finance

  •  Definition of Working Capital
  •  Current Assets
  •  Current Liabilities
  •  Working Capital Management
  •  Financing Working Capital
  •  Ratio Analysis
  •  Sources of Working Capital

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