Progressive Web Application Development Table of Contents

Table of Content


Introduction to PWA

  • What Really is a PWA?
  • PWA Core Concepts
  • What is PRPL Pattern?
  • Demo of Final Course Project
  • Responsive UI
  • Tools Overview and Setup

Understanding Web App Manifest

  • Understanding App Manifest Properties
  • Add Properties to manifest.json
  • Prerequisites for Installing Web App
  • Run Android Emulator and Leverage Chrome Dev Tools for Debugging
  • Add Properties for Safari
  • Add Properties for Internet Explorer

Service Worker

  • Promise API
  • Fetch API
  • What Is a Service Worker and How it Works?
  • Events in Service Worker
  • Service Worker Lifecycle
  • Scope Working for a Service Worker
  • Register, Update, Activate SW
  • Debug Our Service Worker
  • Install App Banner and Control Over it

Cache and Offline Support

  • Storage Options
  • Cache API
  • Pre-Caching/Static Caching
  • ES6 Overview
  • Add, Update Cache
  • Respond with Cache
  • Dynamic Caching Upon Fetch
  • Offline Respond Placeholders
  • Remove/Cleanup Caches

Dynamic Content Cache

  • IndexedDB / Write Data
  • IndexedDB / Retrieve and Delete
  • Tools to Help Create Cache and Service Worker

Deployment to Firebase

  • Setup Firebase CLI
  • Make Our App Ready to Deploy
  • Deploy to Firebase

Background Sync

  • How Background Sync Helps
  • Register a Synchronization Task
  • Storing Our Data in IndexedDB and Firebase
  • Syncing Data in Server Worker with Server
  • Periodic Sync

Push Notification

  • Push Notification Fundamentals
  • Request Permission, Subscription, and Display Notification
  • Store Client Subscription and Secure It in Backend
  • Send Notification from Server and Listen from Service Worker
  • Clean Up Subscriptions

PWA with SPA

  • PWA in an Angular App
  • PWA in a React App
  • PWA in a Vue App
  • PWA in an Ember App

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