Predictive Analytics Sample Questions

Sample Questions

1. What are the two most prominent open source tools for predictice analytics?

C. R
D. python


2. Which important measure do we gain by using PERT?

A. Project Start time
B. Slack Time
C. Activity complexity
D. Project Variance


3. What is the primary role of statistics in predictive analytics?

A. use artificial intelligence to automate work
B. convert statistics into programming code
C. to translate a business problem into a statistics one
D. apply machine learning to solve problems


4. When dealing with a continuous variable, what is the appropriate statistics calculation?

A. s-stat
B. z-stat
C. t-stat
D. chi-squared


5. When gathering data from noncentralized data, when should regular extraction activity take place?

A. Before software updates
B. During low-peak times
C. At 4:00 AM
D. During downtime


Answers:      1) C,D 2) D 3) C 4) C 5) B


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