PL\SQL Table of Contents

Table of Content


PL/SQL Introduction

  • Relational database, oracle and PL/SQL
  • PL/SQL need and benefits


  • Hardware and software pre-requisites
  • Oracle environment configure and test

PL/SQL programming constructs

  • Lexical elements and basic data types
  • Constants, variables, operators and expressions
  • Conditional and loop construct
  • Overloading and recursion

Code Block

  • Procedure and functions
  • Packages, INSTEAD OF and triggers
  • Compilation errors
  • Exception handling and custom exception


  • Declaration and defining
  • Implicit cursors
  • Cursor variables, using PL/SQL functions, record updates and shortcuts

Code Management

  • Packaging and placement of code and triggers in database
  • Code placement in application server
  • Naming standard basics, need and norms

Advanced Datatypes

  • Clob, blob and bfile
  • Custom data types
  • Varray and bulk collect

Transaction Processing

  • Commit and rollback
  • Autonomous transactions

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