Penetration Testing Table of Contents

Table of Content


Kali Linux Basics

  • Kali Linux Basics

Lab Setup

  • Download and Install VMware Workstation
  • Download Windows and Kali Linux
  • Installation of Windows and Kali Linux
  • Update the Kali Linux Operating System

Essential Terminal Commands

  • File Commands
  • Directory Commands
  • Chain Commands
  • Manage Services

Information Gathering Tools

  • Using the NetDiscover Tool
  • Using the Nmap Tool
  • Using the Sparta Tool
  • Using the Maltego Tool
  • Using the Recon-NG Tool

Vulnerability Analysis Tools

  • Using the Burp Suite Tool
  • Using the ZAP Tool
  • WordPress Scanning Using WPScan
  • Nessus Installation
  • Vulnerability Analysis Using Nessus
  • Analyze the Web Using HTTrack

Database Hacking Tools

  • Using the SQLite Tool
  • Using the Sqlmap Tool
  • Using the JSQL Tool
  • Using SQLsus

Password Cracking Tools

  • Using Crunch Commands
  • Using John the Ripper Tool
  • FTP Setup
  • Using Hydra
  • Using Medusa
  • Using Ncrack

Man-in-the-Middle Attack or Sniffing Tools

  • Using the MAC Changer Tool
  • Using the Wireshark Tool
  • Using the Ettercap Tool
  • Using MITMProxy and Driftnet Tool

Social Engineering Attack Tools

  • Phishing Attack Using SET
  • Trojan Attack Using SET
  • Using the Maltego Tool
  • Using Browser Exploitation Framework

Wireless Hacking Tools

  • About Wireless Adapter
  • Start Monitor Mode
  • Hack WEP Using the Fern Tool
  • Create a Dictionary
  • Hack WPA/WPA2/WPA2-PSK

Exploitation Techniques

  • Metasploit Basics
  • AV Bypass Frameworks
  • Bypass Target Defender
  • Bypass Target Antivirus

Post-Exploitation Techniques

  • Meterpreter Commands
  • Insert Keylogger
  • Privilege Escalation
  • Stealing Login Credentials

PenTest Reporting Tools

  • Using Leafpad
  • Using CutyCapt
  • Using Faraday IDE
  • Using recordMyDesktop

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