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OpenStack Table of Contents

Table of Content


Let’s Deploy OpenStack Now?

  • What Is Virtualization and Cloud Computing?
  • What Is OpenStack? When and Why?
  • Getting Started to Play with OpenStack
  • Installing OpenStack All-In-One
  • Appreciating the Cloud We Just Built

Bird’s-eye View of OpenStack

  • OpenStack Architecture
  • OpenStack Components

Deploying OpenStack Cloud Brick by Brick – A Deep Dive

  • Preparing the Basic Environment
  • Keystone
  • Glance
  • Nova
  • Neutron
  • Horizon

Now for OpenStack’s Magic

  • Cinder
  • Swift
  • Heat

Bells and Whistles of OpenStack

  • OpenStack Ceilometer
  • OpenStack Trove
  • OpenStack Magnum
  • OpenStack Murano
  • Other OpenStack Services

OpenStack APIs – Development

  • API Request Workflow and Authentication
  • Programming OpenStack
  • Programming Your Way to an Instance

OpenStack in Production

  • OpenStack Deployment at Scale
  • Making Room for the Elephant
  • DevOps OpenStack
  • PechaKucha


  • Deployment Issues
  • Where Are the Logs?
  • Troubleshooting Pre-Boot Issues
  • Troubleshooting Post-Boot Issues

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