Occupational Health and Safety Management Sample Questions

Sample Questions


1.    Who is financially impacted due to workplace related injuries, illnesses, and deaths?
A.    Employers
B.    Employees
C.    The community
D.    All of these.

2.    What is required by a safety harness?
A.    A safety harness must fit well and be adjusted to the wearer.
B.    A safety harness must be equipped with leather seat straps.
C.    A safety harness must have double stitched shoulder belts.
D.    None of these.

3.    Select the hazard in usage of extension cables and multiple sockets
A.    Overloading of the cable, this can lead to a fire.
B.    Leakage currents with the attendant danger of electrocution.
C.    Short-circuit when too many power cables and electrical plugs are used
D.    None of these.

4.    Which of the following enhances accident risks involving electricity?
A.    The use of chargeable tools.
B.    The use of spark-free tools.
C.    The use of un-insulated tools
D.    None of these.

5.    Which of the following is the correct safety measure for prevention of falling at the edge of a work floor?
A.    By placing warning signs at the edge of the work floor.
B.    By giving the workers proper instruction at the start of the work.
C.    By putting proper barriers at the edge of the work floor.
D.    None of these.

Answers:      1 (D), 2 (A), 3 (A), 4 (C), 5 (C)

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