Network Security Open Source Software Table of Contents

Table of Content


Writing Plug-ins for Nessus

  •  The Nessus Architecture
  •  Installing Nessus
  •   Using Nessus
  •   The NASL Interpreter
  •   Hello World
  •   Datatypes and Variables
  •   Operators
  •   ifelse
  •   Loops
  •   Functions
  •   Predefined Global Variables
  •   Important NASL Functions
  •   Nessus Plug-ins

Developing Dissectors and Plug-ins for the Ettercap Network Sniffer

  •   Installing and Using Ettercap
  •   Writing an Ettercap Dissector
  •   Writing an Ettercap Plug-in

Extending Hydra and Nmap

  •   Extending Hydra
  •   Adding Service Signatures to Nmap

Writing Plug-ins for the Nikto Vulnerability Scanner

  •   Installing Nikto
  •   Using Nikto
  •   Nikto Under the Hood
  •   Existing Nikto Plug-ins
  •   Adding Custom Entries to the Plug-in Databases
  •   Using LibWhisker
  •   Writing an NTLM Plug-in for Brute-Force Testing
  •   Writing a Standalone Plug-in to Attack Lotus Domino

Writing Modules for the Metasploit Framework

  •   Introduction to MSF
  •   Overview of Stack Buffer Overflows
  •   Writing Exploits for MSF
  •   Writing a Module for the MnoGoSearch Overflow
  •   Writing an Operating System Fingerprinting Module for MSF

Extending Code Analysis to the Webroot

  •   Attacking Web Applications at the Source
  •   Toolkit 
  •   PMD
  •   Extending PMD

Fun with Linux Kernel Modules

  •   Hello World
  •   Intercepting System Calls
  •   Hiding Processes
  •   Hiding from netstat

Developing Web Assessment Tools and Scripts

  •   Web Application Environment
  •   Designing the Scanner
  •   Building the Log Parser
  •   Building the Scanner
  •   Using the Scanner
  •   Complete Source Code

Automated Exploit Tools

  •   SQL Injection Exploits
  •   The Exploit Scanner
  •   Using the Scanner

Writing Network Sniffers

  •   Introduction to libpcap
  •   Getting Started with libpcap
  •   libpcap and Wireless Networks
  •   libpcap and Perl
  •   libpcap Library Reference

Writing Packet-Injection Tools

  •   Introduction to libnet
  •   Getting Started with libnet
  •   Advanced libnet Functions
  •   Combining libnet and libpcap
  •   Introducing AirJack


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