Certified Mutual Funds Analyst Sample Questions


Sample Questions



1. If YTM increases ___________.

A.     Future Value of Cash Flows goes down

B.     Present Value of Cash Flows goes up

C.     Present Value of Cash Flows goes down

D.    Future Value of Cash Flows goes up


         2.  Money Markets refers to that part of the debt market where the maturity is _________.

A.     less than 1 year

B.     less than 1 month

C.     less than 6 months

D.    more than 1 year


           3. SWP stands for___________.

A.     Systematic Whining Pain

B.     Systematic Whining Plan

C.     Systematic Withdrawal Plan

D.    None of the above


           4. For a scheme to be defined as equity fund, it must have minimum ___________.

A.     65% in Indian equities

B.     65% in equities

C.     51% Indian equities

D.    35% in Indian equities



           5. If a scheme has 45 cr units issued and has a FV of Rs. 10 and NAV is at 11.13, unit capital (Rs. Cr) would be equal to __________.

A.     500.85

B.     50.85

C.     950.85

D.    450


          Answers: 1 – C, 2 – A, 3 – C, 4 – A, 5 – D


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