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MERN Stack Table of Contents

Table of Content


1. Introduction

  • Welcome to the Course
  • ProShop Project Demo
  • Resources and Environment

2. Starting the Front-end

  • Setting up React and Initializing Git
  • React-Bootstrap Setup, Header and Footer Components
  • HomeScreen Product Listing
  • Rating Component
  • Implementing React Router
  • Product Details Screen

3. Serving and Fetching Data from an Express

  • Front-end/Back-end Workflow and Explanation
  • Serving Products – Back-end Routes
  • Fetching Products from React (useEffect)
  • Nodemon and Concurrently Setup
  • Environment Variables
  • ECMAScript (ES) Modules in Node.js

4. Getting Started with MongoDB

  • MongoDB Atlas and Compass Setup
  • Connecting to the Database
  • Adding Colors to the Console (Optional)
  • Modeling our Data
  • Preparing Sample Data
  • Data Seed Script
  • Fetching Products from the Database
  • Getting Started with Postman
  • Custom Error Handling

5. Implementing Redux for State Management

  • An Overview of Redux
  • Creating a Redux Store
  • Product List Reducer and Action
  • Bringing Redux State into HomeScreen - useDispatch and useSelector
  • Message and Loader Components
  • Product Details Reducer and Action

6. Adding the Shopping Cart

  • Quantity Select and Add to Cart Button
  • Cart Reducer and Add to Cart Action
  • Add to Cart Functionality
  • Cart Screen
  • Remove Items from the Cart

7. Back-end User Authentication

  • Clean up using Controllers
  • User Authentication Endpoint
  • JASON Web Token (JWT)
  • Generate a JSON Web Token (JWT)
  • Custom Authentication Middleware
  • Saving the Token in Postman
  • User Registration and Password Encryption

8. Front-end User Authentication and Profile

  • User Login Reducer and Action
  • User Login Screen and Functionality
  • Show the User in Navbar and Logout
  • User Register Reducer, Action, and Screen
  • Update Profile Endpoint
  • Profile Screen and Getting User Details
  • Updating User Profile

9. Checkout Process – Part 1

  • Shipping Screen and Save Address
  • Checkout Steps Component
  • Payment Screen and Save Payment Method
  • Place Order Screen
  • Order Controller and Route
  • Creating an Order

10. Checkout Process – Part 2

  • Getting an Order by ID Endpoint
  • Order Details Reducer and Action
  • Order Screen
  • Updating the Paid Endpoint
  • Order Pay Reducer and Action
  • Adding PayPal Payments
  • Showing Orders on the Profile
  • User Details and Orders Reset

11. Admin Screens – Part 1

  • Admin Middleware and Getting Users Endpoint
  • Admin User List
  • Admin Screen Access Security
  • Deleting the Admin User
  • Getting a User by ID and Updating User Endpoints
  • User Edit Screen and Getting User Details
  • Updating the User Functionality

12. Date Admin Screens – Part 2

  • Admin Product List
  • Deleting Admin Products
  • Creating and Updating Product Endpoints
  • Creating an Admin Product
  • Editing the Product Screen
  • Updating an Admin Product
  • Image Upload Config and Endpoint
  • Front-end Image Upload
  • Admin Order List
  • Marking an Order as Delivered

13. Product Reviews, Search, and More

  • Morgan and Creating Review Endpoint
  • Front-end Product Reviews
  • Product Search
  • Product Pagination
  • Creating a Products Carousel
  • Custom Page Titles and Meta

14. Application Deployment

  • Preparing for Deployment
  • Deploying to Heroku

15. Bug Fixes

  • Bug Fix: Updating the Navbar Name

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