Memcached Professional Course Sample Questions

Sample Questions

1.  Memcached can respond to
A.  database calls
B.  API calls
C.  page rendering
D.  All of these

2.  What is Memcached
A.  Key/Value Store
B.  Relational Database
C.  Non-SQL Database
D.  None of these

3.  Memcached is implemented in
A.  client only
B.  server only
C.  partially in a client, and partially in a server
D.  None of these

4.  Adding servers Memcached,
A.  increases the available memory
B.  decreases the available memory
C.  Depends upon implementation
D.  None of these

5.  Memcached servers have
A.  crosstalk with each other
B.  synchronization with each other
C.  broadcasting with each other
D.  None of these

Answers:      1 (D), 2 (A), 3 (C), 4 (A), 5 (D)


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