Market Research Analyst Table of Content

Table of Content

Marketing Research

  • Introduction
  • Application of Marketing Research
  • Marketing Research Management
  • Role of Research
  • Qualities of a Marketing Research Manager
  • Marketing Research Function
  • Hiring Outside Agencies

Marketing Research Process

  • The Research Process
  • Formulating the Research Problem
  • Choice of Research Design
  • Determining Sampling Design and Sampling Size
  • Preparing the Research Report
  • Evaluation and Control of Marketing Research

Scientific Method and Research Design

  • Scientific Method
  • Research Design
  • Types of Research Design
  • Causal Designs
  • Method of Agreement
  • Causal Inference Studies

Research and Data Objectives

  • Research Objectives
  • The Research Plan
  • Specifying Data and Acquisition Methods

Research Communication

  • Factors in Decisions on Media

Primary Data Collection

  • Collection of Primary Data
  • Using Diaries
  • Questionnaire Design
  • Interviewing
  • The Role of Focus Groups
  • Survey

Secondary Data Collection

  • Methodological and Ethical Considerations
  • Compatibility of the Data with Secondary Analysis
  • Reporting of Original and Secondary

Sampling and Hypothesis

  • Statistics Basics
  • Data Basics
  • Measurement Systems
  • Some Basic Terms
  • Types of Sample Designs
  • Bases of stratification
  • Characteristics of a Good Sample Design
  • Determining the Sample Size

Data Processing and Analysis

  • Data Preparation
  • Data Validation
  • Data Editing
  • Coding
  • Tabulation
  • Data-Processing Methods

Multivariate Data Analysis

  • Multivariate Analysis (MVA)
  • Regression Analysis
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Factor Analysis
  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Correspondence Analysis
  • Neural Network Models

Forecasting Methods

  • Forecasting Basics
  • Moving average and Exponential methods
  • Decomposition method
  • ARIMA Model

Presentation and Report writing

  • Role of the Report
  • Types of Reports
  • Contents of the Report for Executives
  • Principles OD Report Writing

Ethical Issues in Marketing Research

  • Ethical Issues in Marketing Research
  • Ethical Issues Involving the Treatment of Respondents
  • Ethical Issues Relating to the Ethical Treatment of Researchers

Sales Analysis and Forecasting

  • Sales Analysis and Forecasting
  • Market Potential
  • Methods of Estimating Demand

Advertising Research

  • Importance of Advertising

Market Segmentation and Brand Positioning

  • Market Segmentation
  • Limitations of Psychographic Segmentation

Export Marketing Research

  • Export Marketing Research Why Export?
  • Problem s in Export Marketing Research
  • Use of Secondary Data (Or Desk Research)


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