Leverage Buyouts Professional Table of Content

Table of Content



  • LBO Basics
  • Why LBO
  • An Example
  • Factors to a Good LBO
  • Why Dell
  • Model Walkthrough


  • A Transaction Overview
  • Options Effect on Shares Outstanding
  • Impact on the number of Shares Outstanding due to Options
  • Taking stock of the Shares Outstanding
  • Calculating the option conversion
  • Calculating shares Repurchase under Treasury Stock Method-I
  • Calculating shares Repurchase under Treasury Stock Method-II
  • Extracting Historical Balance Sheet and Income Statement
  • Debt Way of funding the Buyout-I
  • Debt Way of funding the Buyout-II
  • Debt Way of funding the Buyout-III
  • Transaction & Financing Fees


  • Calculating Goodwill
  • Creating Pro Forma Balance Sheet
  • Projecting the Income statement
  • Projecting the Balance Sheet
  • Understanding Cash flow Statement and Calculating FCFF
  • Debt Pay down flow
  • Calculating the Interest cost
  • Calculating Multiples


  • Management Options and Calculating IRR
  • Finance Case
  • Recap
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Dell Buyout Details

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