Leadership and Strategic Management Table of Content

Table of Content


1. Leadership

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Leadership in a Turbulent World
1.3 Leadership: Mindset and Behaviours
1.4 Leadership and Knowledge Creation
1.5 Leadership: Empowerment, Innovation and Learning
1.6 Motivating Employees through Leadership
1.7 Personal Habits of Leaders
1.8 Leadership: Type, Style and Behaviour
1.9 Leadership Contingency Theories
1.10 Recent Developments in Leadership Approaches
1.11 Leadership in the Global Context
1.12 E-Leadership

2. Strategic Management

2.1 Strategic Planning and Strategic Management   
2.2 Strategic Intent: Vision, Mission and Objectives
2.3 Environmental Analysis / Industry Analysis
2.4 Competitive Analysis /Internal Analysis of the Firm
2.5 Corporate-Level/Business-Level/Global Strategy
2.6 Acquisition, Restructuring and Cooperative Strategies
2.7 Strategic Analysis and Choice
2.8 Strategy Implementation: Structural Issues
2.9 Behavioural Issues in Strategy Implementation
2.10 Operational, Marketing, Financial and Human Resource Strategies
2.11 Strategic Leadership
2.12 Strategy Evaluation and Control


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