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Benefits of Certification

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LangChain is an open source orchestration framework for the development of applications using large language models (LLMs). Available in both Python- and Javascript-based libraries, LangChain's tools and APIs simplify the process of building LLM-driven applications like chatbots and virtual agents.

Note: Please note that the course comes with online e-learning (videos) only. No hard copy will be provided.

Why should one take LangChain Development Certification?

LangChain is one of the most useful frameworks for developers looking to create LLM-powered applications. It allows LLM models to create replies based on the most up-to-date data accessible online and simplifies the process of arranging vast volumes of data so that LLMs can quickly access it.

The Vskills LangChain development certification attests to your understanding and applying skills and knowledge in LangChain development.

Who will benefit from taking LangChain Development Certification?

Software Professional, Engineers, Team Leads, LLM developers, AIt and NLP professionals will benefit immensely by opting for Vskills Certificate in LangChain development.

Students taking the certification also gain by showcasing their understanding of LangChain development and are able to increase their job opportunities.

LangChain Development Table of Contents


LangChain Development Practice Questions


LangChain Development Interview Questions


Companies that hire LangChain Development Professionals

Companies specializing in natural language processing, AI or machine learning are constantly hiring skilled LangChain development professionals.

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LangChain Introduction

  • What You Will Get in This Course
  • What Is LangChain?
  • Let's Understand the LangChain Benefits

OpenAI Introduction

  • What Is OpenAI?
  • OpenAI API Key Generation

Demo and Environment Setup

  • A LangChain Example - Implementation Demo
  • Anaconda Installation

LangChain - Models Module Concept

  • LangChain's Modules Overview

Beginner Level - Project 1 - Simple Question and Answer App

  • LLMs Walkthrough
  • LLM Practical Implementation Using Python
  • Project Environment Setup
  • Lets' Build Simple Question Answering Application

Project 2 - Simple Conversational App

  • Chat Model Walkthrough
  • Chat Model Practical Implementation Using Python
  • Let's Build Simple Conversational Application

Project 3 - Find Similar Things App for Kids

  • Text Embedding Walkthrough
  • Text Embeddings Practical Implementation Using Python
  • Embeddings Example Using Python
  • Let's build Similar Words Finder Application

LangChain - Prompt Module Concept and Implementation Using Python

  • Prompts Module Introduction
  • Prompt Template Walkthrough
  • Example Selectors Walkthrough
  • Adding More Examples to Input Prompt
  • Output Parsers Walkthrough

Project 4 - Marketing Campaign App

  • Convert Jupyter Notebook to Python Script
  • Building the App's Frontend
  • Integration of Frontend and Backend
  • Modularization of Code
  • Adding Examples - Kids, Adults, and Senior Citizens

LangChain - Memory Module Concept

  • Importance of Memory in LLM-Powered Apps
  • Different Types of Memory

Project 5 - ChatGPT Clone with Summarization Option

  • ChatGPT Clone Demo
  • Setting Up the Project
  • Implementing the Frontend
  • Modularizing the Code
  • Passing Dynamic Data
  • Implementing Chatbot Conversational View
  • Conversation Summarization and API key feature

LangChain - Data Connection Module Concept

  • Data Connection Module Introduction
  • Data Connection Module - Python Implementation Part 1
  • Data Connection Module - Python Implementation Part 2

Project 6 - Quiz MCQ Creator App

  • Loading Documents and Creating Chunks
  • Generate Embeddings and Store Them
  • Retrieving Answer
  • Creating Structured Output

LangChain - Chains Module Concept

  • Chains Overview
  • Generic Chains
  • Utility Chains

LangChain - Agents Module Concept

  • Agents Overview

Project 7 - CSV Data Analysis Tool

  • CSV Data Analysis Tool Demo
  • CSV Data Analysis Tool - Frontend
  • CSV Data Analysis Tool - Backend

Project 8 - YouTube Script Writing Tool

  • YouTube Script Writing Tool Demo
  • YouTube Script Writing tool - Frontend
  • YouTube Script Writing tool - Backend
  • YouTube Script Writing tool - Integration

Project 9 - Support Chatbot for Your Website

  • Support Chat Bot for Your Website Demo
  • Implement Frontend for Pushing Data to Pinecone
  • Implementing Backend for Scraping the Data
  • Implementing Backend for Pushing the Data to Pinecone
  • Handling the Hardcoded Values
  • Implementing Information Retrieval System

Project 10 - Automatic Ticket Classification Tool

  • Automatic Ticket Classification Tool - Demo
  • Upload Documents to Pinecone - Frontend and Backend
  • Chatbot Interaction- Frontend and Backend
  • Organizing Different Pages in Streamlit
  • Classification Model Creation
  • Model Training Process
  • Ticket-Raising Feature Implementation
  • Viewing Pending Tickets Tab

Project 11 - HR - Resume Screening Assistance

  • HR - Resume Screening Assistance - Demo
  • Resume Screening Assistance Frontend
  • Loading Documents and Adding Metadata
  • Push and Pull Data from Pinecone
  • Finetuning Output

LLAMA 2 Introduction

  • LLAMA 2 Introduction and Download Guide

Project 12 - Email Generator Using LLAMA 2 - Streamlit App

  • Email Generator Frontend and Module Creation
  • Using LLAMA 2 as LLM and Execution

Project 13 - Invoice Extraction Bot

  • Invoice Extraction Bot - Demo
  • Invoice Extraction Bot - Streamlit Frontend
  • Replicate Platform Introduction
  • Data Extraction
  • LLAMA 2 - LLM Setup
  • Formatting Output and Download Option

Project 14 - Text to SQL Query - Helper Tool, Google Collab, LLAMA 2

  • Project Setup and Hugging Face Login
  • Pipeline Creation and Prediction

Project 15 - Customer Care Call Summary Alert, OpenAI, Zapier NLA

  • Customer Care Call Summary Alert - Demo
  • Frontend Implementation
  • Backend Implementation
  • Final Execution

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