Information for Employers

Information for Employers

Employer solutions:

Vskills help employers build their business and increase their profits with our customized solutions for employers.

What can we do for you?

We'll help you find the right skills solution for your business. Vskills for Business can:

Accredit your training programmes and give them the Vskills hallmark of quality.

Vskills certification provides our seal of approval and hallmark of quality for your own in-house training programme. We will ensure that all of your training is necessary and relevant to your business, and that it meets the highest standards.

Map your in-house training to Vskills certifications to give your staff the motivation of working towards a recognised award.

Customize Vskills certifications to reflect the specialist skills of your employees. With more than 50 qualifications in 20 industry sectors, and at a range of levels from beginner to experienced practitioner, there is sure to be a Vskills certification that suits your organization and the training of your staff. We will explore the type of training you wish to offer and advise you if we already have a readymade solution.Customized qualifications are tailored to your company's needs and reflect the individual business-specific tasks and challenges that your employees need to be prepared for.

Develop new qualifications specific to your business, that match you skills requirements. We can work with you to develop an entirely new award - one that is unique to your business and fully accredited by Vskills.

Create apprenticeships that develop your learners into confident employees with the skills to help your business grow. Whether your business is large or small, an apprenticeship offers a practical hands-on solution to filling skills gaps as well as an attractive incentive for recruiting keen and motivated staff. We can help you to develop apprenticeship schemes that are unique to your business and will provide you with fully trained and highly knowledgeable employees.

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