Game AI Developer Table of Content

Table of Content


Artificial Intelligence in Games

  • Basics of AI
  • Exploring the Zero-Sum Games
  • Using the Minimax Algorithm
  • Create Your Own Tic-Tac-Toe Game with AI

Decision Trees in Games

  • What Is a Decision Tree?
  • Implementing Decision Trees in Your Game
  • Decision Trees for General Logic and AI Behavior
  • Writing a Battle City-Like Game AI
  • Putting It All Together – A Battle City-Like Game

Applying Finite-State Machines (FSM)

  • What Is a Finite-State Machine?
  • Implementing Finite State Machines
  • State Machines for General Logic and AI Behavior
  • Applying FSM Basis to the Pac-Man-Like Game

Movement and Pathfinding

  • Graphs for Pathfinding
  • Navigation Graphs
  • Implementing Graphs and Navigation Graphs
  • Pathfinding Algorithms
  • Implementing A*

Path Planning and Game Deployment

  • Path Planning
  • Point of Visibility in Use
  • Path Planner
  • Implementing a Path Planner Class
  • Putting It All Together – A Pac-Man-Like Game

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