Functions of Human Resource Management (HRM)

In order to achieve the above objectives, Human Resource Management undertakes the following activities

  • Human resource or manpower planning.
  • Recruitment, selection and placement of personnel.
  • Training and development of employees.
  • Appraisal of performance of employees.
  • Taking corrective steps such as transfer from one job to another.
  • Remuneration of employees.
  • Social security and welfare of employees.
  • Setting general and specific management policy for organizational relationship.
  • Collective bargaining, contract negotiation and grievance handling.
  • Staffing the organization.
  • Aiding in the self-development of employees at all levels.
  • Developing and maintaining motivation for workers by providing incentives.
  • Reviewing and auditing manpower management in the organization
  • Potential Appraisal. Feedback Counselling.
  • Role Analysis for job occupants.
  • Job Rotation.
  • Quality Circle, Organization development and Quality of Working Life.


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