Preparing for the Examination

The Vskills Certification examination is designed to check and quantify the candidate's ability within the specialization represented by the Certification, The Vskills Certification evaluates his/her ability to practice in the discipline, and provide a foundation for granting professional recognition.

The examination reflects state-of-the-art principles and practices from the disciplines included in the Certification specialty. The exam expects that familiarity with current industry topics via experience, periodicals, and textbooks is continually being maintained. Vskills believes that knowledge of significant developments in the various Certifications, as well as a basic understanding of the various disciplines, be current. For this reason, the examination instrument is continually reviewed and revised to implement these factors into the testing process. Some material is provided to assist the student in preparation, but it is by no means the complete universe of material that the student should study. It is just a broad guideline of the syllabus.

Professional Certification is a significant undertaking. Sufficient time and energy should be allocated by the candidate towards preparation. Most of the needed preparation involves reviewing and brushing up on the various knowledge domains in the Certification’s respective knowledge base.  If candidates have extensive experience in the respective domains, the examination should not be difficult.  Candidates should avoid last minute cramming, as it is rarely beneficial in the long term. If their experience is minimal, or is limited to only certain areas of those related knowledge domains, they should seek study materials and work experience that will broaden their knowledge and experience. Unless candidates have had extensive exposure to the Certification knowledge domains, they are very unlikely to pass the Certification examination. The examination presumes that candidates have had a broad exposure to quality practices and have reviewed and read the current literature available on the particular Certification in their particular area.

There is no specific outline of study curriculum established by Vskills Certifications.  Candidates are responsible for their own study and preparation.   Bibliographic references are included in material provided for information purposes.  Candidates are expected to know and pursue other and more recent resources.  

Scheduling an Examination

Scheduling the examination is done by candidate by logging into their online profile on Vskills.in and selecting examinationn centre and date after being fully prepared for the exam. Vskills assessment exams are conducted at proctored centers in various cities across India. Please check the Exam calendar for the next exam date and Exam center for nearest location.

Taking the Examination

Candidates should arrive at the examination location at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of the examination. Candidates must have their examination admit card and photo identification with them in order to gain admission to the examination.

No study or supporting materials/mobile phones are permitted in the examination room. Seats are assigned for each individual. Breaks are not permitted during the taking of the examination. The examinations is of 1 hour duration.

No Shows

Candidates who fail to appear for a scheduled examination are considered a "No Show". The candidate would have to register for Exam re-take and follow the process of registration once again. Click here for Exam re-take.

Examination Results

Examination results are available to the candidate after the exam completion at the exam center.

Detailed examination result are available under candidate's profile on our website, when the grading process is complete. An email is also sent to candidates informing about the examination results. Certified candidate list is also posted on Vskills blog.

The estimated timeframe in which you may receive your hard copy results is 7 to 10 days and at times results may take longer than normal depending upon your location.

Certified candidates receive hard copy certificate via courier or the Indian Postal Service's registered post using the communication address in the application form so, it is critical that candidates keep their communication address up to date. Even the smallest error or omission of information can cause serious delays in receipt or non delivery so make sure the address is complete and correct. Many candidates change their residence or job situations during their Certification candidacy.

If any such changes occur, it is the candidate's responsibility to inform Vskills at the following email address [email protected]

Examination papers are not returned to the candidates. Specific discussion concerning an individual's exam results is prohibited by the policies and practices of Vskills. Original exam papers are destroyed two years after the exam date.

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