Ethical Standards for HRM

There are three ethical standards for governing HR practices. Each of  these  standards  embodies  a  core  principle and protects  a  prominent  constituency  whose  interests and well-being hinge  on the  work of  HRM.

  • Advance the organization's objective: Execute the task in question so that progress is made towards the objective that calls for it to be done in the first place.
  • Enhance the dignity of those harmed by the action. When managers  distribute  opportunities  and  benefits,  there  are  those who  do  not   receive  those  opportunities  and  benefits of  who  receive  fewer  than  others. When companies go through cycles of destruction- restructuring, downsizing- individuals get harmed. In both instances, those who lose out are due treatment that respects their standing, fosters their resilience, and enables them to continue to function effectively.
  • Sustain the moral sensibility of those executing morally ambiguous tasks.  Someone must deliver the poor performance appraisal, announce   the lay-off, or   shutter the manufacturing facility. The ambivalence induced in per forming these tasks reflects an underlying uneasiness about fair treatment and fair outcomes, and managers ought to remain a t tuned to that uneasiness.


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