Essentials of Construction Management Sample Questions

Sample Questions

 1. What characterizes Work Breakdown Structure
A. For each element of WBS, a description of the task to be performed is generated.
B. WBS is a technique is used to define and organize the total scope of a project.
C. Development of the WBS normally occurs at the start of a project and precedes detailed project and task planning
D. All of the above

2. What is required to create a project schedule
A. Personal and project calendars
B. Project scope Description
C. Project risks
D. All of the above

3. How does project manager implement budget optimization in a project
A. Reducing the project scope to have fewer, shorter tasks that need resources.
B. Removing resources.
C. Replacing expensive resources with less expensive resources.
D. All of the above

4. What represents an event in network diagram

A. Arrow
B. Node
C. Critical path
D. None of the above

5. What is needed by quantitative risk assessment of project risk
A. probability
B. loss magnitude
C. loss magnitude and probability
D. None of the above

Answers:      1 (D), 2 (D), 3 (D), 4 (B), 5 (C)

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