Environment Law Table of Contents

Table of Content



  •  Environmental Crisis
  •  Environmental Imperatives 
  •  Constitutional Response to International Urge

 Industrial Pollution

  •  Magnitude of the Problem
  •  Hazardous Industries and Environmental Pollution
  •  Industrial Pollution and Health Hazards

 Legal Control of Hazardous Substances and Process

  •  Proliferation of Chemicals
  •  Law Relating to Hazardous Substances
  •  Legal Control of Hazardous Processes
  •  Rules on Hazardous Substances

 Law Relating to Water Pollution

  •  Water Pollution
  •  Civil Law Actions
  •  Legislative Measures
  •  The Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 

 Industrial Air Pollution and Law

  •  Industrialization and Air Pollution
  •  Civil Law Actions
  •  Statutory Provisions

 Enforcement Machinery

  •  Administrative Efforts to Combat the Hazards of Pollution
  •  Central Pollution Control Board
  •  State Pollution Control Boards
  •  Supreme Court Decisions and the Directions
  •  Pollution Control in Highly Polluting Industries
  •  Coordination Activities of Pollution Control Boards
  •  Penal Provisions and Effectiveness of Enforcement Machinery
  •  Financial Constraints and Assistance
  •  The National Environment Tribunal

 Environmental Issues and Judicial Trend

  •  Environmental Pollution and Courts’ Concern
  •  Public Nuisance Environmental Hazards
  •  Right to Wholesome Environment and Ecological Balance
  •  Right to Carry on Trade vis-a-vis Duty to Protect Environment
  •  Right to Information about Hazardous Installations
  •  Public Access to Environmental Justice
  •  Doctrine of Mass Justice and Emergence of Public Interest Litigation
  •  Public Interest Litigation and Access to Environmental Justice
  •  Role of Indian Judiciary
  •  Environmental Concerns of the Indian High Courts
  •  Basis for Entertaining the Environmental Petitions
  •  Liberalized Standing Rules vis-a-vis Restraints on Public Interest Petitions
  •  Conclusion

 Corporate Environmental Liability

  •  Tortuous Liability for Pollution Accidents
  •  Pollution Accidents and Victim
  •  Rules of Strict and Victims
  •  Rules of Strict and Absolute Liability
  •  Responsibility of Executives
  •  Quantification of Compensation
  •  Bhopal Settlement
  •  Bhopal Act

 Statutory Relief for Pollution Victims

  •  Public Liability Insurance Act
  •  Liability of the Owner
  •  Settlement of Claims
  •  Environment Relief Fund
  •  Limitation and Scale of Relief
  •  Regulatory and Penal Provisions
  •  Advisory Committee

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