Elasticsearch Table of Contents

Table of Content


Getting Started with ElasticSearch

  • The Course Overview
  • What Is ElasticSearch?
  • Installing ElasticSearch
  • Goal of ElasticSearch
  • What's New in Version 5.0?
  • Why Use ElasticSearch?

Dichotomy of ElasticSearch

  • What Is an Index?
  • Documents in ElasticSearch
  • What Is a Cluster?
  • Setting Shards and Replicas

Get Going with Documents and Indices

  • Adding and Deleting an Index
  • Adding and Deleting Documents
  • Using Bulk API

Querying with RESTful API

  • Introduction to REST API
  • Using REST API to Search
  • Using REST API to Update

Power Your Searches with DSL

  • Introduction to DSL
  • Understanding DSL
  • Term Queries and Boosting
  • Range Query
  • Exist Query
  • Aggregation Based Analytics
  • Aggregations: Implementation

What ElasticSearch is NOT

  • Myths about ElasticSearch

Getting More with ElasticStack

  • What Is ElasticStack?
  • Kibana
  • Logstash
  • X-Pack
  • Beats

Apache Log Analysis

  • Preparing for Log Analysis
  • Running Log Analysis

Advanced ElasticSearch Queries

  • Sorting in ElasticSearch
  • Geo Searching
  • Getting into Synonyms

ElasticSearch versus Apache Solr

  • Choosing between ElasticSearch and Apache Solr

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