Distribution Manager Table of Contents

Table of Content

Introduction to Logistics

  • Interfaces between Logistics Manufacturing
  • Logistics: Manufacturing issues in Customer Service
  • Production scheduling
  • Interfaces between Logistics and Marketing

Material Management

  • Introduction
  • Objectives and Functions of Materials Management
  • Functions of Material Management

Marketing Channel

  • What is Marketing Channel?
  • The Nature of Marketing Channels
  • Types of Intermediaries
  • Contemporary Channel Scenario in India
  • Non-traditional Channel Arrangements
  • Non-store Retailing
  • Direct Selling/Home Selling

Marketing Intermediaries

  • Objectives

Function of Marketing Channel

  • What is the Work of the Marketing Channel?
  • Channel and Distribution Functions

Channel Design

  • Designing a Channel System
  • Channel Design: Segmentation
  • Channel Design: Targeting

Selection of Appropriate Channels

  • The New Business Environment
  • The Importance of SWOT Analysis
  • Dealer Selection
  • Creating and Administering the Channel

Channel Management

  • Managing the Channel Member

Distribution Channel Management

  • Functions of Marketing Channels
  • Importance of Channel Distribution
  • Types of Channel Arrangement
  • Type of Channel Members
  • Activities performed by marketing channels
  • Role of Intermediary in a Marketing Channel
  • Types of Intermediaries
  • Difference between Direct and Indirect Marketing Channels
  • Multiple Channels of Distribution
  • Channel Flow
  • Establishment Issues
  • Level of Distribution Coverage
  • Managing Marketing Channels
  • Selecting Channel Members
  • Implementing Channel Strategy
  • Evaluating Channel Performance

Channel Motivation

  • The Vision, Mission and Objectives
  • Motivational Tools and Control Areas
  • Risk Management

Physical Distribution Concepts and Objective

  • Physical Distribution, Marketing Logistics, and Supply Chain Management
  • Importance of Physical Distribution/ Marketing Logistics

Components of Physical Distribution

  • Transport
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory Management
  • Production Control and Materials Requirement Planning


  • Introduction
  • Modes of Transport
  • Containerization
  • Assessment of the Transportation Requirement


  • Introduction
  • Warehouse operating principles
  • Warehouse strategy
  • Planning the distribution warehouse
  • Warehouse layout
  • Types of Material handling systems in warehousing

Impact on Physical Distribution

  • Introduction
  • The Level of Information Sharing

Supply Chain Management in Physical Distribution

  • What is Supply Chain Management?
  • Efficient Consumer Response
  • Rapid Response
  • Putting it All Together: What is the Right Supply Chain?
  • Manufacturing Flow Management
  • International Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Supply Chain Management in Rural Areas

Distribution and Networking

  • Factors Influencing Distribution Network Design
  • Design Options for a Distribution Network
  • Selecting a Distribution Network Design

Monitoring and Benchmarking

  • Monitoring
  • The Balanced Scorecard
  • KPI
  • Financial Measures
  • Benchmarking

Miscellaneous Topics

  • Outsourcing
  • Reverse logistics
  • Supply Chain Sustainability


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