Digital Skills Table of Contents

Table of Content


Digital Skills Basics

  • Definition
  • Need

Digital Access

  • IT Basics (data, information, data size -bit/byte, input and output devices, peripherals)
  • Networking Basics (network types, wired and wireless, devices and terminologies for broadband connection and wi-fi)
  • Mobile Technology (Smart phone, OS, 2g/3g/4g, app store)

Digital Commerce

  • E-commerce and types
  • Online services (grocery, doctor, etc.)
  • Online purchase requirement and process
  • Bank details safety (OTP, malware and phishing)

Digital Communication

  • Email (terms, sending, receiving, attachments, outlook, gmail)
  • Social Media (Google+, Facebook and Twitter accounts, usage, friends, share, like)
  • Online messaging – Online chat, Skype, Google hangout,
  • Mobile messaging – SMS, MMS, Video calls, Whatsapp

Digital Literacy

  • Search Engine
  • Information search (image search, Google hacks, job and internship search, whois)
  • Data Backup (need, technologies, online and offline backup for PC and mobile)
  • Device maintenance (PC, laptop, mobile)

Digital Etiquette

  • Netiquette (in chat and messaging)
  • Appropriate behavior and language (in social media)

Digital Law

  • Cyber Bullying (definition, punishment, example cases)
  • Digital footprint and online reputation (concepts, management)
  • IT Act, 2008 (crime and punishments)

Digital Rights and Responsibilities

  • Copyright, license and fair use
  • IPR
  • Public Domain
  • Privacy
  • Plagiarism

Digital Security

  • Online threats and prevention
  • Device security
  • Password security

Digital Health

  • Health ill-effects (eye strain, joints and body pain)
  • Managing personal health (exercise, posture)
  • Health monitors


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