Deep Learning with Caffe2 Table of Contents

Table of Content

Setting Up Caffe2

  • Set Up Caffe2 on Linux
  • Understanding the Caffe2 Architecture
  • Transitioning from Machine Learning to Deep Learning
  • Running an Image Classifier Using Caffe2

Implementing Neural Networks And Deep Learning

  • Learn about Matrices Using Python – NumPy
  • Understanding and Implementing Logistic Regression and Neural Networks
  • Understanding and Implementing Deep Neural Networks

Understanding Caffe2

  • Caffe2 Introduction
  • Caffe2 Python Wrapper
  • Mathematical Operators in Caffe2
  • Network Creators and Assisters in Caffe2 – Part 1
  • Network Creators and Assisters in Caffe2 – Part 2
  • Network Creators and Assisters in Caffe2 – Part 3

Understanding a Convolutional Neural Network

  • How Machines Learn to See!
  • Introduction to Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Implement a Convolution Layer Using Caffe2
  • Pooling Layer and Dropout in Caffe2
  • Role of Activation Functions in Solving Non-Linear Optimization

Implementing Weight Initialization, Optimization, and Regularization

  • Machine Learning Strategy
  • How to Perform Data Selection, Preparation, and Processing
  • Regularization of Neural Networks
  • Optimizing Neural Networks
  • Optimization Algorithms

Introduction to Recurrent Neural Network

  • Sequence Learning
  • Introduction to Recurrent Neural Networks
  • LSTMs – A Special Case of RNNs
  • Learning about Word Embeddings
  • Introduction to Augmented Recurrent Neural Networks

Getting Started with Caffe2

  • Why Deep Learning?
  • Machine Learning Categories
  • Why Caffe2?
  • Install and Set Up Caffe2
  • Build a Caffe2 Docker

Basic Elements

  • Definition of a Computational Graph Through Examples
  • Introduce Workspace, Operators, and Nets
  • Working with Computational Graphs

Building Blocks of a Training Model

  • Housing Price Prediction
  • Representing a Linear Regression Model in a Computational Graph
  • Training Procedure
  • Training a Linear Regression Model

Supervised Learning and Transfer Learning

  • Fashion Product Recognition Problem
  • What Is Supervised Learning?
  • What Is Transfer Learning?
  • Model Zoo in Caffe2
  • Fine-Tune a Model for Recognizing Fashion Products

Sequence-To-Sequence Learning

  • Chatbot Customer Service
  • What Is Sequence-to-Sequence Learning?
  • What Are RNNs and LSTMs?
  • Training an RNN-Based Model to Write like Shakespeare

Reinforcement Learning

  • Why Deep Reinforcement Learning?
  • What Is Deep Reinforcement Learning?
  • What Is Deep Q-Network?
  • Training a Deep Q- Network for Solving the Cart-Pole Problem

Running AI In Your Hands

  • AI on Mobile Devices Using Face ID
  • Challenges in Running AI Models on Mobile Devices
  • SequeezeNet
  • Deploy SequeezeNet on a Mobile Device

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