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Benefits of Certification

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Power BI is a business intelligence and data analytics tool developed by Microsoft. It allows users to connect to various data sources, transform and model data, create interactive visualizations, and share insights with others. Power BI enables organizations to make data-driven decisions by providing powerful tools for data analysis and reporting.

Note: Please note that the course comes with online e-learning (videos) only. No hard copy will be provided.

Why should one take Power BI Certification?

Obtaining a certification in Power BI can be valuable for both individuals and organizations for several reasons:

  • Validation of Skills: Certifications demonstrate that you have a certain level of knowledge and competence in using the tool, which can be reassuring to potential employers or clients.
  • Career Advancement: Power BI certifications can enhance your career prospects.
  • Competitive Advantage: In competitive job markets, certifications can give you an edge over other candidates who don't have them.
  • Client Trust: If you're a consultant or freelancer, having a Power BI certification can instill trust and confidence in your clients.

Earning a certification in Power BI can be a worthwhile investment in your career, helping you gain recognition, build expertise, and stay competitive in the field of data analytics and business intelligence.

This Course is intended for professionals and graduates wanting to excel in their chosen areas. It is also well suited for those who are already working and would like to take certification for further career progression.

Who will benefit from taking Power BI Certification?

A course in Power BI can benefit

  • Data Analysts
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Professionals
  • Business Managers and Executives
  • Data Scientists
  • IT Professionals
  • Students and Recent Graduates
  • Freelancers and Consultants
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Educators and Trainers
  • Anyone Interested in Data Analytics

Power BI Certification Table of Contents


Power BI Certification Practice Questions


Power BI Interview Questions


Companies that hire Power BI Professionals

Organizations across various industries and sectors hire individuals with Power BI certifications. Power BI is a versatile tool used for data analysis, reporting, and business intelligence, making certified professionals valuable in a wide range of roles.

Employers and positions where Power BI certification holders may find job opportunities are Large corporations, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), consulting firms, Business Intelligence and Analytics service providers, Government Agencies, Healthcare Providers, Financial Institutions, E-commerce Companies, Nonprofit Organizations, Educational Institutions, Energy and Utilities Companies, Startups, Freelancing and Consulting

Here is the list of some of the companies hiring Power BI Professionals, IBM, Barclays, Accenture, JP Morgan, Siemens, Capgemini, Flipkart, Amazon, Toptal, Mindtree, Genpact, HSBC etc.

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  • What Is Power BI?
  • Download and Install Power BI Desktop
  • Quick Interface Tour
  • Mini Project: Transform Data
  • Mini Project: Visualize Data
  • Mini Project: Creating a Data Model

Preparing Our Project

  • Creating Our Initial Project File
  • Working with the Attached Project Files

Data Transformation - The Query Editor

  • Exploring the Query Editor
  • Connecting to Our Data Source
  • Editing Rows
  • Changing Data Types
  • Replacing Values
  • Close and Apply
  • Connecting to a CSV File
  • Connecting to a Webpage
  • Extracting Characters
  • Splitting and Merging Columns
  • Creating Conditional Columns
  • Creating Columns from Examples
  • Merging Queries
  • Pivoting and Unpivoting
  • Appending Queries
  • Practice and Solution: Population Table
  • The Fact-Dimension-Model
  • Practice: Load the Dimension Table
  • Organizing Our Queries in Groups
  • Entering Data Manually
  • Creating an Index Column
  • Workflow and More Transformations
  • Practice Assignment 1
  • Practice Assignment 1 Solution

Data Transformation - Advanced

  • Advanced Editor - Best Practices
  • Performance: References Versus Duplicating
  • Performance: Enable / Disable Load and Report Refresh
  • Group By
  • Mathematical Operations
  • Run R Script
  • Using Parameters to Dynamically Transform Data
  • M Formula Language: Basics
  • M Formula Language: Values, Lists, and Tables
  • M Formula Language: Functions
  • M Formula Language: More Functions and Steps

Creating a Data Model

  • Why a Data Model?
  • Create and Edit Relationships
  • One-to-Many and one-to-One Relationship
  • Many-to-Many (m:n) Relationship
  • Cross-Filter Direction
  • Activate and Deactivate Relationships
  • Module Summary
  • Practice Assignment 2
  • Practice Assignment 2 Solution

Data Visualization

  • Our First Visual
  • The Format Tab
  • Understanding Tables
  • Conditional Formatting
  • The Pie Chart
  • All about the Filter Visual
  • The Filter Pane for Developers
  • Cross Filtering and Edit Interactions
  • Practice Assignment 3
  • Practice Assignment 3 Solution
  • Syncing Slicers across Pages
  • Creating Drilldowns
  • Creating Drill-Throughs
  • The Treemap Visual
  • The Decomposition Tree
  • Understanding the Matrix Visual
  • Editing Pages
  • Buttons and Actions
  • Bookmarks to Customize Your Report
  • Analytics and Forecasts with Line Charts
  • Working with Custom Visuals
  • Get Data Using R Script and R Script Visual
  • Asking Questions - Q&A Visual
  • Wrap Up - Data Visualization

Power BI and Python

  • Python in Power BI - Plan of Attack
  • Setting Up Python for Power BI
  • Transforming Data Using Python
  • Creating Visualizations Using Python
  • Violin Plots, Pair Plots and Ridge Plots Using Python
  • Machine Learning (BayesTextAnalyzer) Using Python
  • Performance and Troubleshooting

DAX - The Essentials

  • Introduction
  • The Project Data
  • Measures Versus Calculated Columns
  • Automatically Creating a Date Table in DAX
  • Calendar
  • Creating a Complete Date Table with Features
  • Creating a Key Measure Table
  • Aggregation Functions
  • The Different Versions of COUNT
  • SUMX - Row-Based Calculations

DAX - The CALCULATE Function

  • CALCULATE - The Basics
  • Changing the Context with FILTER
  • ALL

Tell a Story with Your Data - Learn to Visualize Effectively

  • Show Empathy and Identify the Requirements
  • Find the Most Suitable KPIs
  • Choose an Effective Visual
  • Make Use of Natural Reading Pattern
  • Tell a Story Using Visual Cues
  • Avoid Chaos and Group Information

Power BI Service - Power BI Cloud

  • Power BI Pro Versus Premium and Signing Up
  • Exploring the Interface
  • Discovering Your Workspace
  • Connecting Power BI Desktop and Cloud
  • Understanding Datasets and Reports
  • Working on Reports
  • Updating Reports from Power BI Desktop
  • Creating and Working with Workspaces
  • Installing and Using a Data Gateway
  • Get Quick Insights
  • Creating Dashboards
  • Sharing Our Results Through Apps
  • Power BI Mobile App
  • Creating the Layout for the Mobile App

Row-Level Security

  • Introduction
  • Creating a Row-Level Security
  • Row-Level Security in the Cloud
  • Row-Level Security and Data Model
  • Dynamic Row-Level Security
  • Dynamic Many-to-Many RLS
  • Hierarchical Row-Level Security

More Data Sources

  • Setting Up a Local MySQL Database
  • Connecting to a MySQL Database in Power BI
  • Connecting to a SQL Database (PostgreSQL)

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