Data Science with Python Sample Questions

Sample Questions


1. What type of data is suitable to address the requirement for an application having datasets not suitable for an RDBMS but need order and hierarchy?

A. Semi-structured

B. Unstructured

C. Complex

D. Structured


2. What is not applicable for the NumPy package?

A. A given NumPy array may store elements of various types

B. It can be used for calculation of multidimensional arrays

C. It can be integrated with other programming languages

D. It can be used for array sorting and shape modification


3. What is invalid for the "capture" cell magic command in Python?

A. It can be used to capture the standard error stream of a cell

B. It cannot be used to capture graphical cell output

C. It can be used to capture the standard output stream of a cell

D. It can capture textual cell output into a variable in the current namespace


4. Select the incorrect command to import a statistical distribution function from SciPy.

A. from scipy.stats import bernoulli

B. from scipy.stats import poisson

C. from scipy.stats import normal

D. from scipy.stats import binom


5. What is similar to Pandas?

A. NumPy

B. Rpy

C. OutPy

D. All of these


Answers: 1-A, 2-A, 3-B, 4-C, 5-A

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