Cypress Table of Contents

Table of Content

Introduction to Cypress and its Advantages in Automation World

  • What Is Cypress? And Why Is It the Future of Automation?
  • Understand Cypress Architecture and Its Benefits

Cypress Installation and Project Setup

  • Install Node.js, VS Code, and Cypress for Windows and MAC

Introduction to Cypress Test Runner and Command-Line Features

  • What Is Cypress Test Runner?
  • Important Note on Cypress Versions
  • Build Cypress Basic Test and Run from Test Runner
  • Running Cypress Tests in Supported Browsers
  • Exploring the Cypress Project Framework Structure

Getting Started with Cypress Test Automation

  • Cypress Locator Strategies and How to Construct Them
  • Cypress Inbuilt Plugin in Test Runner to Generate Locators
  • Basic Assertion in Writing the Tests with Cypress
  • Handling Invisible Elements with Cypress by Understanding Logs

Deep Diving into Cypress Commands and its Asynchronous Nature

  • Web Applications to Practice Cypress Automation
  • Understanding Get and Find Commands with Cypress
  • Grabbing the Text for Validations Using Cypress Text Command
  • Cypress Asynchronous Nature and its Promise Handling
  • Understanding the Difference Between jQuery Methods and Cypress Commands
  • Handling Async Promises with Cypress
  • Completing the Practice Test with All Necessary Validations

Handling Web Controls UI Using Cypress

  • How to Verify and Automate Check Boxes with Cypress
  • Handling Static Dropdowns Using Select Command with Cypress
  • Handling Dynamic Dropdowns with Each Command Iteration
  • Handling Visible and Invisible Elements Using Assertions in Cypress

Advance Automation to Handling Alerts, Popups, Child Windows Using Cypress-jQuery

  • How Cypress Auto Handles Alerts in Web Apps
  • Handling Child Tab with a Combination of Cypress and jQuery Commands
  • Navigating Browser Controls Using Cypress
  • Handling Web Tables with Cypress Using Each Command
  • Handling Mouse Hover Popups Using Cypress

Understand How to Automate Frames and Child Windows in Cypress

  • Handling Child Windows Using Cypress
  • Handling Frames with Cypress Using Real-Time Example

Understanding Fixtures and Custom Commands

  • Agenda of Framework Topics and Starting with Test Building
  • Understand How Fixtures Work in Driving Data
  • Validating Attribute Properties and their Behavior with Cypress Assertions
  • Building Customized Cypress Commands to Reuse the Code

Page Object Design and Test Parameterization

  • Parameterizing the Test Data from JSON Files Using Each Command
  • Test Debugging and Pause with Cypress
  • Implementing Page Object Design Pattern into Cypress
  • Modifying Existing Tests into Page Object Pattern as Per Cypress Standards

Configuration Properties and Environmental Variables

  • Important Information for Cypress V10 before Proceeding to the Next Videos
  • Implementing Global Configuration Changes to Cypress Framework
  • Completing End-to-End Test Execution of the Business Flow
  • Implementing the Sum of Products Functionality with Cypress-JavaScript
  • Practice Exercise Continuation on Product Sum Values with JavaScript Methods
  • Importance of Environmental Variables in Cypress Framework
  • Setting Env Variables through Command-Line Arguments

Dashboard Feature with Video Recording and Screenshots

  • Exploring Cypress Dashboard and its Feature for Framework Development
  • Monitoring Test Execution Videos and Screenshots through Cypress Dashboard
  • Generating Mocha Awesome Reports for Cypress Execution

Building npm Scripts and Integration to Jenkins

  • Understanding Scripting Commands in the Package.json File for CI Integration
  • Running Multiple Specs File on the Fly from Cypress Scripting Commands
  • Introduction to Jenkins
  • Integrating Cypress Framework into Jenkins CI Tool

Cypress BDD Cucumber Framework Integration to Mocha

  • What Is BDD and Cucumber and Their Benefits
  • Install Cucumber Cypress Preprocessor Plugin and Set it in the Index.js File
  • Converting Cypress Mocha Tests to Feature Files with Gherkin Syntax
  • Implementing Step Definition Files for Features Built with Real Cypress Code
  • End to End Automation Test Execution Using Cypress-Cucumber Standards
  • Data-Driven Testing Using Cucumber Data Table Feature for Cypress Tests
  • Tagging Implementation to Control Test Execution for Cucumber Scenarios
  • Building Cucumber HTML Reports for the Cypress Cucumber Test Scenarios

Mocking HTTP Requests/Responses with Cypress (XHR Testing)

  • Introduction to Cypress Intercept to Manage HTTP Requests
  • Mock HTTP Responses to Generate Stub Data to Test Edge Scenarios
  • Integration Testing with Front-End and Back-End Response Validation Assertions
  • Intercepting HTTP Request Details to Test Security Scenarios
  • Handling API Call Directly without Involving Browser with Cypress

Single Sign-On (SSO) Automation Testing with Cypress

  • What Is Single Sign-On? And Its Architecture Details
  • SSO Demo Project Overview and Plan of Testing It with Cypress
  • Building SSO Login Automation Test with Cypress on Demo App

Session Token and Local Storage Data Saving with Cypress and CSV Parsers

  • Understand How JWT Session Token Works on Browsers with Example
  • Make Login API Calls to Extract the Response Token Using Cypress
  • How to Save the Login Tokens in Browser Local Storage Using Cypress
  • Complete End-to-End Flow of Purchasing the Order with UI Script
  • Where Cypress Downloads the Browser Files and How to Get Project Path Dynamically
  • Parsing CSV Files into JavaScript Object Using Cypress Neat CSV Plugin

Cypress DB Integration Testing Strategy

  • Setting Up the SQL Server with Azure for Cypress Testing
  • Cypress DB Plugin Integration for DB Testing

JavaScript Fundamentals from Scratch for Automation

  • Basic JavaScript for Automation Testing

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