Cucumber BDD Certification Table of Contents

Table of Content


Cucumber and Behavior Driven Development BDD Concepts

  • Cucumber and Behavior Driven Development (BDD) Basics
  • Introduction to Behavior Driven Development (BDD)
  • Creating a Cucumber Maven Project
  • Creating a Cucumber Eclipse Plugin
  • Creating Cucumber Feature Files
  • Writing Gherkin Scenarios
  • Creating Step Definitions
  • JUnit Test Runner

Cucumber Options

  • Features, Glue, and Plugin
  • Dry Run Option
  • Strict Option
  • Monochrome Option
  • Tags Option
  • Name Option

Cucumber Selenium WebDriver

  • Integrating with Selenium WebDriver
  • Practicing Gherkins and Step Definitions
  • Introduction to Global Hooks

Parameters and Data Tables in Cucumber

  • Cucumber Parameters
  • Step Data Table in Cucumber
  • Scenario Outline (Data Driven Testing) in Cucumber

Hooks and Tags

  • Cucumber Global Hooks
  • Cucumber Tagged Hooks
  • Ordering (Prioritizing) Hooks
  • Cucumber Tags
  • Summary So Far

Cucumber Framework Using Page Object Model

  • Creating Page Factory (WebElement Repository)
  • Creating Action Pages
  • Creating Common Action Pages
  • Implementing Page Object Model

Implementing Cucumber Reporting Plugin

  • Adding Masterthought Reporting Plugin
  • Capture Screenshot for Failed Steps

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