Criminal Procedure Code Table of Contents

Table of Content



  •  Definitions    
  •  Complaint
  •  Offence
  •  Cognizable and Non-cognizable offences
  •  Inquiry
  •  Investigation
  •  Charge
  •  Judicial proceeding
  •  Officer-in-charge of a Police station

 Rights of an arrested person

  •  Arrest of Person
  •  Arrest without warrant
  •  Warrant of Arrest
  •  Rights of an arrested person

 Information to Police and Their powers to Investigate

  •  First Information Report (FIR)
  •  Information as to non-cognizable cases
  •  Investigation
  •  Statements and Medical Tests
  •  Confessions
  •  Case Laws

 Complaints to Magistrates

  •  Examination of complaint
  •  Competency of Magistrate
  •  Postponement of issue of process
  •  Dismissal of Complaint


  •  Trial for more than one offence


  •  Kinds of trial
  •  Conduct of trial
  •  Separation of Executive and Judiciary
  •  Provision for legal Aid 
  •  Trial of Summons and Warrant Cases
  •  Trial of Summons cases by magistrate


  •  Bail in Non-boilable cases
  •  Anticipatory Bail
  •  Case Laws
  •  Parole

 Compounding of offences

  •  Basics

 Quashing of FIR and Proceedings

  •  Case Law 

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