Compliance Officer Sample Questions

Sample Questions


1. What sets the purpose and general direction for the organisation?

A. Vision

B. Mission statement

C. Profit statement

D. None of the above


2. What is the primary objective of a business organisation?

A. To communicate with shareholders

B. To make a profit

C. To procure resources

D. None of the above


3. Which of the following does the term Corporate Social Responsibility relate to?

A. Ethical conduct

B. Human rights and employee relations

C. Environmental practice

D. All of the above


4. Who are organisational stakeholders?

A. Customers

B. Government

C. Employees

D. All of the above


5. Where does the business ethics apply?

A. Conduct of international operations

B. In the personal life of staff

C. Depends upon the organization

D. None of the above



Answers:      1 (B), 2 (B), 3 (D), 4 (D), 5 (A)


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