Competition Law Table of Contents

Table of Content


 Company Law
  •  The Basic Principles of Company Law    
  •  Lifting the Corporation Veil
  •  Concept of Share and Capital
  •  Formation of a Company
  •  Promoters, Pre-Incorporation Contracts provisional Contracts
  •  Doctrine of Ultra Vires and Doctrine of Indoor Management
  •  Kinds of Companies
  •  Prospectus and Deposits
  •  Allotment, Issues of shares at Premium Issue of Shares at a Discount, Rights Issue
  •  Membership, Nomination, Transfer of Shares and Share Warrant
  •  Charges
  •  Meeting – Board and General
  •  Inter-corporate Loans and Investments
  •  Directors
  •  Oppression and Mismanagement
  •  Compromise And Arrangement
  •  Accounts, Auditors and Dividend
  •  Winding Up
  •  Revival and Rehabilitation of Sick Industrial
  •  Producer Companies

 The Competition Act

  •  Aims, Objects and Definitions
  •  Anti Competitive Agreements
  •  Abuse of Dominant Position 
  •  Regulation of Combinations
  •  Competition Commission of India (CCI)

 Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act

  •  The Securities (Contract) Regulation Act
  •  Subject Index

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