Cocoa Programming Sample Questions

Sample Questions


1. What is Cocoa?

A. Linker    
B. Compiler
C. Set of APIs
D. None of the above

2. Which programming language was the original language in which NeXTSTEP was developed?

A. Cocoa
B. Objective-C
C. Java
D. None of the above

3. What is the name of Cocoa's string class?

A. String
B. NSString
C. NString
D. None of the above

4. Which operating system entity or service processes input for sources such as mouse?

A. Tasks
B. Notification
C. Run Loop
D. None of the above

5. Which user interface element should be used to display important information like error messages?

A. Window    
B. Panel
C. View
D. None of the above

Answers:      1 (C), 2 (B), 3 (B), 4 (C), 5 (B)

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